How this website was built, and what was used to make it all happen

The current iteration of this website was built and uploaded on the .

It was built in Atom on an old MacBook Air, with Middleman and my template, Anu, together with ERB, Sass, and Gulp.

Some default styling is handled by Tachyons, together with my custom code; if all is well, you should also be seeing the typeface Source Sans Pro, which is provided by Adobe Fonts.

All source code is available on GitHub and hosted on Netlify; with every push to GitHub, the data is also sent to Netlify, where it will then build (and publish) the site across its network.

The domain is provided by iwantmyname, but most domain-related stuff is currently handled by Cloudflare.

A complete run-down of all related information is available in the humans.txt file.